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SEO Rockstars + NFG SEO = A Mind Numbing Takeover!
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Event Dates: Oct. 1-2, 2019
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Dori Friend here on behalf of SEO Rockstars AND NFG SEO!

Now for anyone who’s been to any of our events in the past you know we like to over deliver by providing the most up to date ranking/marketing strategies on the planet. And I’m not talking Shiny Object Fluff (SOF I like to call it). I mean, if you want to just pay a bunch of money to fly out, stay in a hotel, and not learn anything let me know and I’ll set it up. Ha

But I know that’s not what you want. That’s not what you’re in business to do, right? So what are you in business to do? Yep! Make as much money with as little effort as possible.
That’s what we like to call Green Hat SEO! Screw Black Hat vs. White hat…. At the end of the day what matters most to us is seeing you rake it in using what we’ve shown you either online or at an event (where we can show the really juicy stuff).

But there’s a problem with throwing an absolutely amazing event every year… 
It kind of makes it hard to top last year, and the year before, and the year before. 

You see, this will be my EIGHTH year in a row of trying to top myself year after year and I’ll be honest - it gets harder every year. 
And THAT is why I’ve decided to bring in the big guns this year! 
I’m sure you’ve hear of NFG SEO (AKA the guys that like to teach REAL Money Making Tactics that you can start using immediately) then you’ve definitely been missing out because while I’ve been doing my thing all these years, these guys have been in the trenches, building up empire after empire. 

Whether it’s building a massive client agency, a PPL Empire, or network upon network of affiliate sites, they have seen just about everything.  
And the best part is….
They’ve hosted a number of smaller, underground events where they’ve actually created a number of millionaire students, meaning they practice what they preach AND they are able to pass it onto virtually anyone willing to take action. 
But I’ve got more for you…
Probably the largest benefit of bringing the NFG Crew on board is their connections. Whether it’s to their private affiliate networks who actually pay well - which they might or might not be sharing at the event :) – or their ability to pull in the cream of the crop speakers (as in the ones that can perform absolute circles around your typical SEO Gurus) who are coming to THROW DOWN!
So… If you are ready to blow up the last quarter of 2019 (and well beyond of course) then reserve your seat now because I 100% expect this event to sell out faster than any other we’ve hosted.
See you there!

Dori Friend
As always, due to the high level of support provided before and after the event we will be enforcing a strict attendance polity. Once the last ticket is sold we will have to slam the doors shut so hop on early if at all possible.
Event Dates: Oct. 1-2, 2019
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So.... What's Included at NFG SEO Rockstars 2019?
Full Membership Area
Get ready for the event with our core training modules.

Private Skype Access
We will be providing full support with out private SKype Room (this is gold).
Advanced SEO Tactics
"Advanced" isn't strong enough of a word for what we will be covering. 
Systemizing National
Spend 20 minutes/month on a $12K campaign with our dead simple national SEO tactics.
On Page Trickery
Save money on link building with our bulletproof on page ninja tactics .

Power Links the Right Way
When you need to push something for a juicy term you're going to need to know how to build links the RIGHT way. 
GMB/PPL Hacking
About as automated as you can get, our Pay Per Lead models generate revenue month after month!
The Silver Bullet
We can't talk about this before the even, but believe us when we say this will be worth WAY more than the price of admission. 
Stop Messing Around and Join Us At Disneyland!
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity because we're really not sure if we can get this many SEO killers in one room again. Hop on now because this year's event WILL sell out completely. 
Event Dates: Oct. 1-2, 2019
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And Who are we Bringing to the Table?
Our current speaker list is like nothing you've ever seen before, chock full of SEO Killers, technicians, sales experts, automation specialists and SOOO much more.

Dori Friend

Dori is pretty raw, real and most importantly.. innovated. Known as a major industry disruptor she has been pushing the envelope that is the SEO community for over a decade now and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon as she will be dropping bomb after bomb in CA.

Jordan Pearce

Jordan (the guy we call The Underground King) has been trekking through the toughest niches on the planet for over 10 years, dominating the entire way. After releasing GMB Master Academy and absolutely changing the way the industry looks at map ranking, Jordan decided to join us in Anaheim to reveal some never before seen GMB Hacks.

Brad & Mike

Mike Pearse and Brad Mabry have spent their entire SEO careers maximizing their time (they call it minimum effort, MAXIMUM results) by developing systems that allow them to step away from their multiple 6 and 7 figure agencies whenever they want. 

Stephen Floyd

 Stephen Floyd has been a search engine marketer for over 15 years. In 2004 he ranked his website "gurus2go.com" #1 globally for the keyword "computer repair". He held the #1 position for nearly four years, until the company was sold for over one million dollars. 

 Through his training, he has helped countless people be able to quit their 9-5 day job, get their first ranking, first clients, and pursue careers as SEO client consultants, full time! 

Kyle Roof

As an On Page Black Belt and regular presenter at the respected SEO numerous SEO conferences throughout the year and a well-regarded speaker on SEO, Kyle also runs the Search Intelligence Agency (SIA), a community of over 150 SEO professionals.

Steven Kang

Owner of SEO Signals Lab - the largest SEO FB group, has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and over 30 years in various business ventures including a supply chain SaaS for global brands. As a digital marketer and a custom web developer for Fortune 500 and numerous businesses, he will be pulling back the curtains on how he is leveraging automation to grow his agency and SaaS business.

Ted Kubiatis

Ted Kubaitis has innovated software solutions that drive results for over 20 years for companies spanning the globe. While Kubaitis and his company consult across numerous sectors, he also speaks at SEO conferences and on podcasts dispelling numerous SEO myths and educating about scientific, data-driven SEO solutions.

Clint Butler

Clint is a technical SEO genius, wildly successful agency owner, and all around marketing badass. His methodical approach to SEO allows him to systematically solve the largest SEO mysteries wile still being able to tech his methods in a way that even the greenest practitioner can understand. 

Jeff Lenney

Jeff has become the lethal weapon with Affiliate SEO that you want to know.  Starting with Launch Jacking via Youtube videos, he moved on to blogging and pairing SEO with his blogs and then onto building Amazon Affiliate Sites. 
Jeff says this has been his biggest and best year to date. His latest launch jack generated (in 2 weeks) more than double what he used to make as an IT guy (in an entire year!) Not bad for a junior college dropout (Jeff’s words).

Victor Smushkevich

Known as a backlinking Savant, Victor has been able to quickly expand his Agency and SEO white label empire. By simplifying and systemizing his outreach process he is able to run his empire virtually hands free.

Lisa Parziale

Lisa has been in online marketing for over 25 years as a technology trainer, online developer and internet marketer. Lisa Co-founded Portside Marketing® to exit her executive job in Corporate America. She quickly scaled the business into a 7-figure powerhouse that dominates the state of Texas and beyond. Lisa is also an industry leader, trainer, speaker and author. In 2018, she founded BizMstr.com, a sales & strategy mastermind group that helps marketing professionals land & service the best clients with her proven system. Lisa is also a featured trainer in Dori Friend’s Page One Engine course, training on SEO and Reputation Management. Lisa and her wife enjoy spending time with their family, boating, fishing and going to DisneyWorld as often as possible.

Kevin Heimlich

Kevin Heimlich has generated over 1.6 million phone calls for The Ad Firm clients, Kevin has a history of growing clients revenue, taking clients from mid 100k to over 3 million in yearly earnings from organic SEO on a regular basis. Heimlich’s has also translated into him owning and managing a very successful agency for the last 10 years. His successes have come from many trials and tribulations. As Thomas Edison put it, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The lightbulb was an invention that took 1,000 steps”.

Kevin wields his prowess in a resourceful way — knowing that time is a limited resource and working smarter, not harder is critical to real success. He brings this work ethic to a level of sophistication as a firm believer in Pareto's Law of 80/20, that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. A concept Heimlich takes to heart, knowing that impactful actions require heartfelt intention. Kevin's personal motto being, "Know who you are, what you can bring, and what you're worth."  

Corey Rose

Corey is an internet marketing executive with over 20 years experience managing search engine marketing campaigns across a range of sectors, from fast growth startups to the Fortune 500. He coaches other agency owners in elite SEO circles and has brought together a hard-hitting team of experts delivering maximum results for his clients.

Corey has the unique ability to build and scale agencies to $30K+/month seemingly over night by catering to small, easy to rank/manage SEO clients.

Holly Cooper

Holly is a leader in the Video Marketing Industry. She has live streams over 3.5 million video's per year, had close to 150,000 Youtube Accounts, and in some circles has been dubbed 'The Youtube Queen'. Holly is renowned as both an online and offline marketer and hosts several live events through out the year helping other marketers reach their full potential in Video Marketing. She is an industry favorite and has garnered the attention and respect of the top video marketers online. Holly has also created 5 tools and has released 4 courses that have been very successful and has helped propel her to internet stardom.

Terry Power

Terry has been online since the last century, getting his first two certifications in 1994, one as a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) and as a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Up until the turn of the century he coded websites and sold information products, but as the number of domains grew, he began focusing on SEO, especially for local clients around the country.

Lately, Terry spends much of his time combining automation and tools in new ways trying to multiply their power, all the while remaining friendly with the Google overlords. He enjoys sharing that knowledge with members of his fast growing private group.

Craig  Campbell

Craig is a regular speaker at SEO events with a reputation for being straight talking and honest and offering people actional tips and advice. Craig also regularly trains agencies & individuals who are looking to better their skills in the industry.
And MANY more speakers/special guests will be announced in the very near future!
If you use what we show, I don't see how you won't add to your bottom line...
I can't guarantee your success, but I can tell you this - If you're just HALF as successful as virtually all of our current and past students, then I know you are going to be VERY successful.
Event Dates: Oct. 1-2, 2019
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